Creekside Neighborhood

Preparedness Get-togethers

Hello all! My name is Bridget Good. I am a Creekside neighbor and have been a City of Salem Community Emergency Response Team volunteer since 2015. I’d like to invite you to this summer’s free Creekside Neighborhood preparedness get-togethers!

The events will focus on how to prepare for a massive earthquake in the Pacific Northwest — what’s known as a Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) megathrust earthquake (and tsunami, for those who spend time on the coast). 

Get-togethers will be held on the following Sunday afternoons at the Salem Public Library in the Anderson B conference room.

Times and Topics

May 28th
2:30 pm — 3:30 pm
June 25th
2:30 pm — 3:30 pm
July 30th
2:30 pm — 3:30 pm
August 27th
2:30 pm — 3:30 pm
CSZ overviewExpected impactsEvacuating vs sheltering in placeNeighborhood plans
Likelihood of an eventSummer/winter earthquakesFirst-Aid, Medicationreunification
Let’s get “Water-Ready”Let’s get “Food-Ready”Evacuating vs. sheltering in placeLiving without electricity
*Note: you may come to any or all events.

Register below for reminder emails, sent one week before each event. Join us! (Becoming CSZ-ready is a great “all-hazards-readiness-plan”)

Please share this invitation with neighbors you think may be interested!

PowerPoint Slides for 05/28/2023

Outside of these events, I’m happy to discuss this topic at any time. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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