There are so many resources available about the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Below are some of my favorites!
Get #2WeeksReady Challenge – City of Salem
Being 2-weeks-ready isn’t for Extreme Preppers. It’s for the rest of us.

Oregon State University’s O-Help
What’s your location’s risk of severe shaking, landslides or liquefaction?

FEMA’s Protective Actions Research
Information on over 380 protective actions you can take to prepare for disasters

OPB Movie to watch: Unprepared: An Oregon Field Guide Special
Watch this movie. Seriously.

EWEB (Eugene Water & Electric Board)
EWEB raffles off cool and useful emergency preparedness supplies each month!

Facebook group to join: Pacific Northwest Earthquake Discussion Group
Moderated by true experts in the field!

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) Tremor Map
This map is updated by the PNSN around 6:00pm each day

When The Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded Hit Chile, It Rocked The World
“What became known as the Great Chilean Earthquake revealed something new about the planet — that the world itself can vibrate like a guitar string. The seismic waves went through every part of the globe, even its core. And because they were so strong, scientific instruments from around the world picked up the signal. When it was over, seismologists realized the earthquake had given them a window into Earth’s structure. Nature had given the planet something like an ultrasound scan.”