CERT Salem

Community Emergency Response Teams are part of a national FEMA program. The City of Salem’s Fire Department oversees the local certification process. Ready to become a Salem CERT member? We can’t wait to have you on board!!

*Edit: As of 4:40 pm 01/09/23, the January 2023 class has been canceled.*

Here are the details for the next FREE certification course. Preregistration is required! Contact Lola Hackett (lolahackett@yahoo.com) for more information.

DatesClasses: TBD
Final exercise (mock disaster drill): TBD
TimesClasses: TBD
Final exercise (mock disaster drill): TBD
LocationTraining Room @ Fire Station #6 is located at 2740 25th Street SE

Did you know the City of Salem has a YouTube channel? Check out the videos below or go to the channel directly for more topics!

Get Wildfire Ready!
Emergency Preparedness: Food
How To Store Water for Emergencies
Quick Tips for Everyday Preparedness
The Gift of Preparedness
Preparing for Power Outages & Ice
Building A Kit, Evacuation & In Place
Emergency Communication
Car Kits and Get Home Kits

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Megathrust EarthquakesTsunamisHow Big Will it Be?
How Big is The Fault?CSZ Frequency10,000 Years
When Will it Happen?37% in 50 Years17% in 50 Years
Summer EarthquakesThe True RiskWorst Case Scenario
Expected Regional ImpactsWhy PrepareDrop, Cover, Hold?
Water PreparednessFood PreparednessSanitation… & Whales
Life Without ElectricitySlow-Slip Events (ETS)Offshore Earthquakes
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