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Novel release coming in 2021. Check back for details.

Novel Teaser
In the Willamette Valley, few who listened heeded the warning. Centuries of pent-up energy rip apart the fault line off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, and even those diligent few learn they aren’t prepared enough. But in the chill of February 2022, they’re better off than most. They’re better off than Brooke Hallowell.

The convulsing earth demolishes her home, kills her best friend. Brooke has little time to grieve. The disruption to Salem’s infrastructure leaves the city operating like it’s 1910, while the destruction has Salem resembling a war zone. Scents of smoke, raw sewage and decay fill the air.

Staying warm and dry with enough food and clean drinking water, become obstacles more difficult than anything Brooke’s faced. And she’s not alone. Brooke will need all of her strength and focus to keep herself and her friend’s adorable three-year-old daughter, Maddie, alive until help arrives.

Nestled in Oregon’s capital city, my husband and I are raising our three young kids and our two-year-old Lab. Our home is filled with energy, love (and sometimes chaos!)

Moments for myself are indulgent, and I often spend them writing or researching. Brooke’s Cascadia, my second novel, is based in the aftermath of a Pacific Northwest earthquake. Since 2015, I’ve served as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member in Salem, Oregon. The experience has been instrumental in teaching me about the PNW’s earthquake risk.

Throughout my time with the organization, I’ve given presentations, helped establish the Salem Resiliency Series, and currently manage the CERT Salem Facebook page. Statistics aren’t as motivating as I’d like.

I want Brooke’s Cascadia to inspire those in our communities to move toward earthquake resiliency. Stories can be so powerful. I hope this one speaks to you.