Are you better prepared today than you were yesterday?

Welcome to Surviving Cascadia! My name is Bridget. My husband and I live in Salem with our three amazing kids and our dog, Pooh Bear. We treasure our life here.

Like most people in this region, the possibility of a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake striking – irrevocably changing that treasured life – feels pretty scary.

Four years ago, that fear led me to become a local City of Salem Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer.  Through my association with CERT, I’ve learned how to survive rather than fall victim to a disaster.

My hope is that this website will provide enough helpful knowledge for you and your loved ones to move in that direction, as well and say:

Yes!! We are better prepared today!

You’ll be surprised how amazing that YES feels.


Here is a CCTV interview with some helpful information (I talk for a few minutes starting at the 10-minute mark)


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