Salem-Keizer School District

As a parent of three young children, looking at the seismic safety of the schools in our area comes into play when we choose a district. Below are maps from the Salem-Keizer School District’s website. Each school on the map appears as a circle.

In 2012 the State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industry (DOGAMI), released their rapid visual screening seismic assessments for the public schools in Oregon. Based on their assessment, each school was assigned a collapse-risk potential.

I have added color-coded boarders to the school-district’s circles on the map, which match the risk level listed on DOGAMI’s page, as of 2006.

Of course, it’s not 2006 anymore. Some of the schools have had seismic retrofits done which will make their buildings safer. If you would like to check the status of a particular school, the district has information on their website.

Further information about these assessments can be found on DOGAMI’s report.