Salem-Keizer School District

Below are three maps from the Salem-Keizer School District’s website. Each school on the map appears as a circle. However, the colors of the school’s circles have been modified here to show the seismic collapse potential from Oregon’s Department of Geology and Mineral Industry (DOGAMI)’s rapid visual screening seismic assessments.

Color-Coded Key

Thankfully some of these schools have undergone or are scheduled to undergo seismic retrofits. Looking at when certain schools began (or will begin) construction, it’s unfortunately clear that seismic risk did not play a primary role in determining which school had updates first. See the two schools below for an example.

School NameConstruction Start DateSeismic Risk
Sumpter ElementaryJune 2021Low (<1%)
Swegle ElementaryJune 2022Very High (100%)

Below are two images from the District’s website showing construction START years for all bond-approved projects. Note: Not all schools have seismic retrofits in their construction plan (Sumpter Elementary from the example above didn’t). If you have questions about the bond specs for a particular school, please visit the District’s website for additional information.