The True Risk

Just be ready.

After a megathrust earthquake, the Willamette Valley in Oregon is expected to go:

  • 50 days without natural gas
  • 100 days without electricity
  • 400 days without water/sewer

Getting ready for that eventuality takes planning! You are smart & resourceful. But being resourceful requires having access to resources. Those resources are plentiful now. Toilet paper anyone? (Hint: The resources won’t be plentiful after a major event).

Current estimates are that only 5% of the Willamette Valley
population is prepared to be self-sufficient for 2 weeks.

Be ready so that you don’t become a victim in need of saving. There are people who can’t prepare in advance the way you can. Be ready so you can help others when the time comes.

Just be ready.

Because you see, for most people the true risk won’t be the earthquake itself. The true risk is not being ready for the earthquake’s aftermath. Earthquakes are some of the greatest ghost stories ever told.

They are nowhere, then suddenly everywhere around us at once, unseen but for the destruction they cause. So you absolutely have to prepare in advance.

There is a ghost on our horizon.