Dr. Chris Goldfinger

Dr. Chris Goldfinger is a Professor at Oregon State University, specializing in Marine Geology and Geophysics, and Paleoseismology. He is also a global leading expert on subduction zones. With the aid of his colleagues, he has been conducting research into the history of the Cascadia Subduction Zone for more than two decades.

Over the past year, he has become someone I respect and look up to.

You see, I wasn’t able to find answers to some of the questions I had about the probabilities, the history or the risk we all face. I contacted him for help.

Dr. Goldfinger was quick to respond, patient with my many questions, and took the time to check in, making sure I had everything I needed to answer those questions.

It’s because of him that I work so hard to prepare my family for the inevitable megathrust CSZ earthquake. It is because of him that I’ve made this website, in hopes of helping others Survive Cascadia.